The begin of our story is a true and deep love from and for our dearest friends. What started as offering a real home to James, coming from an animal home, grew up into a big passion.  His look of gratitude, shining in his lovely eyes, the moment we took him with us hit us profoundly. James offered us everything, but above all comprehension, friendship and endless trust.

Far too early our dear friend left us. Without doubt he is the start of the realisation of our dream, the dream of each dog: DOG’s DREAM. James learned the value of a dog school and the importance of a correct and adequate education.

Our home felt horrible cold without James, we missed him so much, his enthusiasm, his greetings,… and after a while we dared again to think about taking another dog. Countless books about different breeds have been sifted out before we decided to take a flat coated Retriever. Jason joined our family at the age of 7 months, a big chance for the poor dog, to leave his family. Jason is a real sweet dog and a bit shy, he didn’t like to be caressed and he never barked. We were worried and found out he was missing a friend to play together with. Xanthos, a Big Suisse Mountain Dog, came to join all of us.  Jason considered himself as a real father and cared the little puppy very much. Jason started to live… Now he comes to ask for being caressed. Xanthos takes the task of guardian, he’s a good worker!  He’s over enthusiastic when he may … his own doggy-carriage. Proud as he is, he shows everyone what he can. Judges of several breeds advised us to go to dog-shows and again we learned to know another aspect. I assume we do not have to explain how proud we were with the first goblet…

And on shows we were faced with all races. We didn’t stop looking, observing, asking information,… and we lost our heart for the Bernese Mountain Dog. Yorcki became part of the family.  A real lover-boy.  He steals everybody’s heart and worked hard to enlarge his family. By this we learned the spirit of breeding, how difficult, but also how exciting dogs are. Our original house became too small and we had to look for a suitable dream-place. We found this place in Deinze, open areas and lots of space. A total new building raised up, in the favour of all our dogs with all comfort. Dog’s Dream is a reality.

In meantime we started to know the Spanish Waterdog, a real family-dog! A very good friend made us so found of this race that we started to investigate the origin of these dogs. We appreciate especially the good character of these dogs and their willingness to learn. They are so playful and so friendly that we decided to look for this race. We could hardly find them inBelgiumand we went back to the father of this breed in the South of Spain. It became a long journey but now the Spanish Water Dogs are part of our family. We can’t miss them anymore!

Come and have a look how we work with our dogs and we are sure you’ll be found of them too!